I have a scar
from when I was young
and tried to baptize my cat

not that Im Catholic
I just saw a scean from a movie
and wanted to cover my bases
cause I loved my cat

my cat wasn't really interested in eternal life

@ Bragitta

photo by kevindooley
I saw your expression
before you had time to think about what you were thinking

made me think of undressing for a lover
in reverse
buttons and eye hooks to keep from being exposed
only you left one button undone
and I can still see flesh

@ Bragitta

photo by Lali°


wanted to experience as many vices as he could
before he died
became one of them
obsessed about the unstruck note
within the awkward moments

photo by santi_rf
Existential loneliness

A stranger
who had become a friend, than a lover
than a stranger again
said after the seduction that he was a realist
"I refuse to be "one" with the whole
I demand my diversity for healthy evolution"

he than shared his fantasy of galtic domination
and wondered if I would like to be a slave

I didn't tell him my fantasy
cause he never asked
and for some reason I fall into the passive role too easily

I watched the charade be played out
seduced by plausibilities
stood beside the shadow of the projection statues we created
watched the shadows move like a sun dial
within the passage of time

it might be true
that love is the strongest force there is
within the tug a war of boundaries
music within the moaning of rope
and the imperfect perfection of it all

but eventualy indifference might be just as strong
to find that what you once were passionate about
now bores you



scratched a hole in the wall
I was in one of my nervous moods
thinking too much about references and details
reading too many articles about global warming
about the polluting anti-life mutants
imposing progress

in a time when the criminals were not impeached

so I scratched a hole in the wall
the hole did not break through to the other side
did not let fresh air in
but became deep enough to create a secret vault

I put one of my love poems in it
the ones I write as a raft
for the mindstream whirlpool possibilitys
of a schizophrenic crack-up
the ones I write but never give

across the room from the new hole
is a mirror on top of a dresser
below it drawers to keep my socks and underwear organized

I see my reflection
at the moment I don't think it accurately represents me
these features incasing me

the mirror has a slight crack
this is the first time I noticed it
but now that I do it's familiar
almost soothing
like a portal for change


photo by br1ckhouse


Cult Bait

a part of me always wanted to be a charismatic cult leader
be a part of a group that looks up to me
as we discuss our experiences
examine it,
toy with it describe it, drug it, draw it, chant it - whatever.
and then wonder if this at all changes the process
then reassure ourselves
that our awakening is valid
cause as one awakens the world awakens

we then will analaze if this is a good thing or not
the release of sleep

talk about the imperative eradication of negative thought
then talk about how postive can contain the negative
wanting, wishing, needing, trying
knowing and believing
how even truth and divinity has its illusions

draw mandalas
and write about circular pilgrimages
repetitive patterns maze-like almost like a map of a city
grow gardens and hide the fast food take out evidence from the others

examine anomalous interaction and coincidence
think about thoughts that are the sum of all the components
creates a vector direction and magnitude
then talk about the need to not have a map
how the only way to be found is to be lost

oh what fun we would have


photo by sokalkyle